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Me in a nutshell: I'm a song bird, Jesus disciple, surfer wanna-be, enneagram 6, humor appreciator, health nut, wife, homeschool mom, sister, and daughter.

Born and raised in Sonoma County, California with three sisters, some of my fondest memories are of my parents taking us exploring in nature; returning from beach trips with windswept hair, sandy feet, and salty skin; walking in the redwood forests, among ferns and fog and rain; smelling the fragrance of the bay trees in San Francisco, watching out the car window the city lights twinkle like a continuation of the night sky. I never imagined my soul mate would be a county boy who would whisk me off to Montana! Now I'm surrounded by comparable, but much more rugged and untamed beauty and wildlife. The majestic Rocky Mountains, breathtaking Glacier National Park, and sprawling Flathead Lake are the habitat I'm adapting to. It's a great place to raise our rowdy and sweet son. I dream of living part time on the Pacific Northwest Coast again someday.

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